My Girlfriend Almost Broke Up With Me Over Kim Kardashian Hollywood

On my previous blog post, I made a list of things that I like. Kim Kardashian Hollywood was #1 on the list and my super hot girlfriend was #3 (Candidly Nicole was #2 btw). As far as my priorities are concerned…Oops. 

My obsession over this fucking game parallels to that of a 15 year old boy on Modern Warfare or Call of Duty or 20-something year old dude when his favorite football team is playing—no one can interrupt me whatsoever, period. The only call I am willing to answer is Simon’s.

So after reading a couple of my girlfriend’s sassy subtweets about how I ignore her because I’m playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood and she told me we have to postpone our Disneyland trip that I’ve been planning stupid matching outfits for like a week for, how did I react?


I was to the point where I almost wanted to delete the game and be like, “Ok, bae. No more Kim Kardashian Hollywood.” Because good relationships take some sort of sacrifice, right? So I told myself that I would delete the app…after my photoshoot with Marcel, that is.

And then this happened:

My girlfriend aint no joke when it comes to calling people out on bullshit, as you can see. But me with my pride outweighing my bullshit, I had to play it cool. 

Man, no wonder some of you men are such dicks to their girlfriends.

She’s so sexy when she’s mad, right?

After the shits and giggles and laughing it off via text, I thought to myself about all the people I’ve dated before her. And their lack of interest in me and how it was invested in other things (and other people). And this girl, this girl, I don’t know why or how, but she actually genuinely takes interest in me and my life. For the right reasons. And takes initiative to learn about those aspects of me in the right ways. Idunno about you, but to me, that makes me an A-lister than Kim Kardashian Hollywood ever could.

So I decided to put the game on hold and give her a call.

"Hi, how are you?"
"Good. What about you?"
"I’m good. So, guess what. I downloaded this app and it’s a game."
"Oh my fucking god, you downloaded it."
"Yea. But I haven’t gotten any calls from Simon yet, ok." 
"I can’t believe you actually downloaded it. You went from almost breaking up with me over this to downloading the fucking app."
"Well, I wanted to show that I’m making some sort of sacrifice in this relationship."
"I can’t stop smiling."

I haven’t really stopped smiling.

In a polygamous relationship with bae and Kim Kardashian Hollywood,

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The person you became with her is worth being.
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Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.
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